NEW Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Class at FCCS

We, at FCCS, are blessed to share that our school was recently selected to be a Chick- fil-A Leader Academy. This is due to our positive business relationship with our local Chick- fil-A franchise. This is exciting news for us because it allows our upper classman the opportunity to receive tools that will help them make an impact in their local communities and help prepare them in all their future endeavors.

The special Leader Academy Class through Chick- fil-A has been incorporated into the standard leadership skills class that we offer and is comprised of student government leaders. The class involves various activities/labs throughout the year and helps them receive skills that they will then use to create student led community impact projects. The most recent activity that took place was assembling meals for the local food shelter. This experience allowed our students to develop servant leadership within the community. The monthly labs will focus on leadership principle and allow students to develop ideas for the spring student impact project.

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