“We first came to First Coast Christian School because we were looking for a good school with an Abeka curriculum. We believe in a Bible-woven curriculum that is challenging to the student and has Christian values woven throughout the educational experience. I was referred to First Coast Christian School by a friend. We visited the school and loved it. We started with our oldest son in first grade, and he graduated in 2015. Since then we have put all four of our sons through the school. Now our second son is enjoying his senior year and our youngest two boys are in second and third grade.

Academics are very important to us. We wanted a school for our children that would have a strong educational emphasis that would stretch their minds, but also not separate their education from their faith. God is a part of everything that we should do so we were looking for a school that would integrate both Christian principles and a competitive academic curriculum for our boys. We wanted a school that would not only embrace their faith in God but teach, support and help to strengthen their Christian walk. At First Coast Christian School, the Christian values are woven throughout the day – the curriculum, the social activities, the sports and arts programs, the mentorships with the kids – it’s just a part of every bit of the day.

We love the community of First Coast Christian School. We’ve found so many like-minded kids and families – we all want the same thing: a quality education and a godly environment in which to raise our children.

Throughout the years, our oldest two boys have been very active in the school’s academic, athletic, fine arts, and leadership programs. They have both been able to achieve many honors and awards through their studies and involvement with the school, and have represented First Coast Christian school, in other communities, the state, and even abroad. We are grateful for so many First Coast Christian School’s administrators, deans, teachers, coaches, and mentors for their time, involvement and genuine support and love given to our boys over the years. This school is a part of our boys’ success and growth as they mature into the lives God has planned for them.

After having our first two sons go through the program and move on, and when we had our two little surprises (smile), we knew exactly where we wanted them to go – First Coast Christian School. We wanted our little guys to get the best start possible. We love the elementary program at First Coast Christian School. We love the strong Abeka curriculum and the small, intimate, loving environment. It’s the right-sized environment and the teachers are truly engaged. I have become friends with the teachers over the years, in an appropriate way, because we care and love the children, and because we can partner with each child’s development at every stage of the way.

First Coast Christian School is affordable. At one point, we’ve had all four boys at the school and we wouldn’t have them anywhere else. It’s an investment in their future. Our kids have one chance to get a good start. That’s important to us. That’s why we trust First Coast Christian School. You know, sometimes people may question if they can afford a private, Christian school education for their children. My husband and I often smile and remind each other, “We can’t afford not to put our kids in First Coast Christian School.”

~Lanette Hart

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I am pleased with the parent/teacher communication, the level of instruction being given to my child, the Christian values and foundation he receives, and the care that is shown towards my child. The teachers are receptive and helpful and encourage my child.