“I am so blessed to call FCCS MY school.  I have attended FCCS for 7 years and have already had a lifetime of experiences.  Coming to FCCS in the sixth grade I was able to experience elementary school, middle school, and high school.  I can truly say that I cannot imagine being anywhere else and am so grateful that God has made a way for me to be at this school.”

“I have had the opportunity to be a part of the school’s many different programs and clubs. Some of the programs and clubs would be the Junior Beta Club, Beta Club, the National Junior Honor Society, the National Honor Society, the Tri-M, the Chorus, the chapel band, and the chapel committee.  I have had the honor of being an elected officer for these clubs throughout the years.  Our school offers even more programs such as the Brain Bowl, the Band, the Spanish Club, Journalism, and many sports including cheerleading.  FCCS highly honors and respects academic excellence and holds us all at a standard of excellence to do our best for God, and ourselves.  The school is an excellent preparation for college.  I have also done Dual Enrollment myself and college seems like a piece of cake in comparison to high school.  FCCS has us well prepared.”

“FCCS  has a Winter Banquet every year  known as Homecoming.  Along with this, we have a Spirit Week leading up to the Homecoming game and banquet.  At the Homecoming Game every year there is always a Homecoming Court ceremony either before the game or at half time.    I have had the blessed honor of being on the Homecoming Court four times and have been able to have a beautiful special experience each time in experiencing both the ceremony and the field.”

“FCCS strives to keep God at the forefront of all things.  Every year we have a Spiritual Emphasis week which consists of a chapel service every day.  We also have a three day mini spiritual emphasis week about half way through the year.  I love that at FCCS we have a Christian curriculum in every subject and we can apply everything to God.  We also have the opportunity to share the Gospel with people who do believe in other religions.”

“I am so grateful for the teachers and faculty at FCCS who have Spiritually encouraged me and have prayed for me throughout the years. This helps me to be the leader God has called me to be. I am so grateful for their hearts for God and their support and encouragement for me in all that I do. I also have had my share of up and downs with friends just like any other student throughout the years, but God has blessed me with a wonderful senior class and we call each other Ohana, meaning family.  The Senior Retreat was one of the best experiences I have had while being at FCCS and I pray that other Seniors every year get to have the same wonderful experiences. I have also had many fun experiences through the amazing Fine Arts Program we have at the school, in which I participate in the chorus.  I have competed in multiple FACCS competitions through the years and have sung with the chorus at the Jacksonville Landing, Zoo, and a nursing home as well.  I believe God has so much more in store for FCCS and that parents will not be making a mistake by enrolling their child at FCCS.


~ Sydni Alvarez

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I am pleased with the parent/teacher communication, the level of instruction being given to my child, the Christian values and foundation he receives, and the care that is shown towards my child. The teachers are receptive and helpful and encourage my child.