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A quality education must be built on a solid foundation of Christian principles based on the Word of God.

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“A move from Nassau County to Jacksonville was a big move for me and my family. I had been raised up in public school system up to that point. At first, I hated it. I was in a “rebellion stage” of my life. It was not until my ninth grade year I finally started settling into FCCS. I remember having some amazing teachers that made learning fun and enjoyable."

- Andrea Lewis

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"We had a great experience in public education but didn’t realize we were missing vital aspects to our kid’s education. Manners have improved at home because they’re reinforced at school. New work habits have been introduced at school allowing us to utilize them at home. Our Christian values are now locked in place because they’re also taught at school."

- Anna Williams

Image of Emily Grooms Raley
"There are no words to describe how God used FCCS to impact my life. I attended from 7th-12th grade and look back on those years as the best years of my life. Even after attending a Christian college, I still consider FCCS my home. The teachers, coaches, and staff members truly invested into my life."

- Emily Grooms Raley

We value Relationships, Our Bodies, Community, Effort, and Attitude


First Coast Christian School is accredited by the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS), a voluntary service-providing association of Christian schools, Christian colleges and universities, homeschool groups, and homeschool families.
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At First Coast Christian School, interscholastic athletic competition is an important part of campus life. Students in sixth through twelfth grade can participate in one or more of our athletic teams.  Below is a list of the Athletic Programs offered at FCCS to students that have already excelled off the field.
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First Coast Christian School offers various options for students to achieve their high school fine arts credit. Through Theatre, Journalism, Art, and Photography, and the musical classroom, First Coast offers our students many creative arts opportunities.
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We believe weekly Chapel services to be one of the most important events we do at First Coast Christian. Every grade, from K3 – 12, sit under the teaching or preaching of God’s Word once a week, taking time to tune out the voices of the world and center on what God has for our staff and students.
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We believe that FCCS is the perfect size to provide the right opportunity for a student to be prepared for life. With class sizes designed to provide the attention needed, the classes foster an environment of learning both book and real-life knowledge.  First Coast Christian School students have endless opportunities to succeed spiritually and academically. 
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